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How To Write, A Better Fresh Graduate Resume/CV - 5 Tips & Resume Sample

Writing the resume and cover letter is one step in what can be an overwhelming job search process, but it creates the first impression that will lead you to your desired position. A poorly written resume will only find its place in the trash; a well-written resume can land you an interview, and then, a job.

fresh graduate resume cv

Applying for any job with little or no work experience require adaptability and meticulous preparation on your part. How well you prepare and how adaptable you are, will always reflect on your resume.

As a fresh graduate without work experience, you have a challenge writing a resume, when you have nothing but education to work with. What you need is dedicated job research and customizing each resume for a chance at producing a persuasive marketing tool.

No matter how qualified and confident you may be for a job, it is your resume that first introduce you to your potential employer; hence, the need to give your fresh graduate resume some serious work before putting it out.

If you are a fresh graduate without work experience, here are tips to show you resume boosters and samples of fresh graduate resume to help you create a unique fresh graduate resume.

1. Your First Step         

Your first step is to open your word document (or a plain sheet of paper) and write a multiple-page template resume that includes familiar requirements for your target career field. Your resume format is your multi-purpose resume, containing any and every specific and general information about you, which you can tweak to suit every job you apply to; and should reflect your qualifications in your target field(s).
You will customize your follow-up resume to reply to specific job positions. Take care to match requirements with your qualifications in your opening skills summary and throughout your resume.

2. Tweak your Fresh Graduate resume for every Job Application
I’ve said that before but need to reemphasize; one complete resume cannot match every job you want to apply. A valuable skill for one job position may be a disadvantage for another. For instance, if you are good at sitting at a computer for 15 hours a day; that may be a good for a programming job but a resume killer for a marketing job. Ensure to customise your CV/resume for every job application. Research the company you are applying to, and work your resume as best as you can to fit into the companies need.

3. Evaluate Your School Experience
Don’t overlook little events that shows experience in accepting responsibility and demonstrate reliability. Consider the following factors to identify the experience and skills you garnered in higher institution and match your information with the job you hope to land:
✓ Work: Internships, summer jobs, part-time jobs, campus jobs, entrepreneurial jobs, temporary work, and volunteer work.
✓ Sports: Proven ability to achieve goals in a team environment.
✓ Awards and honors
✓ Research papers and projects
✓ Campus leadership
✓ Grade Point Average (GPA): If it’s 3.0 or above; otherwise, omit it (some advisers set the GPA floor at 3.5).
✓ Technical skills and software facility
Concerning student jobs, one technique to make the most of your experience is to separate your jobs into fragments and explain them. For example, don’t say that your job title was “office help” or “office clerk” and stop there.
Instead, do this:
a. Divide your job into functions. Some examples:
telephone reception, telephone sales, social media sales, contract negotiations, purchasing, inventory, staff training, computer application training, Web design, public speaking, and written communications.
b. Describe each function in terms of your accomplishments and their outcomes.

4. Make Your Aim Clear
If you use an objective statement, make it clear. Don’t use illogical statements, like this one:
Seeking a challenging position that will allow me to actualize my talents in saving the world, with good potential for professional growth and pay commensurate with my ability.
Instead, cut to the chase, like this:
Research position in product marketing field in Abuja
You can add a summary, too.

5. Get Rid of Unsupportive Information
Don’t fatten your portfolio with irrelevant data or pictures. Include an activity only if it reveals skills, competencies, accomplishments, results, or other qualification to support your intended job.
If an exhaustive search of your hobbies, campus activities, or community service turns up absolutely nothing worth putting on your resume, your education must carry the entire weight of candidacy for employment.

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Sample of Fresh Graduate Resume
This is a real example of a fresh graduate resume. The owner of this resume is now working for a multinational organization. This resume is suitable for entry level or graduate jobs. YOUR NAME
Contact phone number
Your email: vicky@resumepromo.com

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time position in a multinational which offers a professional working environment and enables me as a fresh graduate to grow while meeting the corporation’s goals.


Bachelor of Arts in International Trade September 1998- January 2003
Cumulative Grade Point Average : 7.8/10
Honors and Awards:
• Granted direct entrance to Foreign Trade University
• Steadily received scholarships for excellent students from Foreign Trade University

Significant coursework: Foreign trade economics, Foreign trade transaction techniques, Transportation and forwarding, Customs procedure, Business administration, Laws in foreign trade, International marketing, International economic relation, Foreign investment, Theories of finance and currency, Business operation analysis.


Foreign Trade University English Club September 2000-September 2001

• Organized club events including regular club get-togethers and special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day.
• Assisted other students to improve their English skills
• Won the 1st Prize in the City Festival of Foreign Language Speaking Clubs held by the Youth Cultural House

Member of Student Union - January 1999-January 2003

• Actively participated in many activities such as: Voluntary Saturday, Cultural Exchange, Charity.
• Raised fund to help children in flood-stricken areas.


Green Summer Campaign - Volunteer Summer 1999

• Taught and help poor children in rural areas.
• Responsible for organizing campaigns against drug abuse and AIDS.
• Raise people’s awareness of drug and AIDS

English tutor August 2001-May 2002

• Assisted students in their study for college entrance exams.
• Encouraged students to be independent learners.


Computer: Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel
Languages: Vietnamese (native), English (fluent)
Enthusiastic, quick to learn with good interpersonal and organizational skills. Have a high sense of responsibility and believe in “ It pays to work hard”.

Available upon request.


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