Saturday, 20 April 2013

How To Get Job as a Graduate With 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree

All job offers comes with requirements and one of the common requirement is a "minimum of Second Class Upper Division”.  What happens to majority of Nigerian graduates who graduated with Second Class Lower or even below that.
graduates with 2.2 and more

You do not have to be depressed over that, here is the secret or things you need to do to successfully get your dream job.

1.Exclude your Degree on your CV: 
From experience, only very few conglomerates and multinational companies are very strict about their 2.1 requirement.  If you hoping to enter any organization on merit then I will advise you never put your class of degree on your CV so you can be invited for interview and make sure your CV is very professional without typos or blunder.

2. Do not feel inferior:
In an interview,  no matter the class of your degree never ever feel inferior my dear, all you need to do is to prove to them that you will add more value to them than any other person.  I want you to know that some organisations do not discriminate on your class of degree, it's just about adding value and increasing their worth- banks, insurance, customer care, manufacturing etc. Don't despair if you don't get invited just keep applying and get some certification relating to your field.

3. Skill Acquisition: 
If you have a 2:2 then you should work on acquiring relevant skill to backup your result. Believe it or not most organizations now believe in skills rather than certificates.

4. Get your Masters Degeree: 
The truth is that in Nigeria or all over the globe there is no guaranty for any class of degree of getting a job offer, even if you have B.Sc from the best university. Your degree only gives an you an edge over others, obtain a professional
Here is a Testimony from a Graduates With 2.2, How They Made It.
To me graduating with a 2:2 or 3rd class isn't the end.To be frank i graduated with a 3rd class degree in 2009 from 'Uniport' due to a lot of problems i can't explain here.I live in Rivers State, But due to the mercies of God the year i came back from my NYSC in feb.2010,I got some contact that a shipping company was recruiting(GULF AGENCY). I got there and was surprised that i was just to fill an employment form{though for Graduates) and tick the type of skill that i needed the company to train me on!And that was that to God be the glory i was trained in Ghana as an 'Oiler', We travel round the world delivering Gas cause the company is affiliated with NLNG, FOLKS TRUST GOD AND NOT YOUR 1:1 or 2:1 .Cheers

Disclaimer: Note that we make every effort to verify the authenticity of our daily posts, we encourage our readers to also confirm before application. Our advice for you is never to pay any amount of money to any recruiter for job aid or educational consultant for admission aid.
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