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Why 90% of Job Seekers Never Get Invited For An Interview

Why 90% of Job Seekers Never Get Invited For An Interview
Unemployed Graduate

You submitted countless application to various companies but was yet to be invited to a lone job interview. Well you don't need to worry all you need is to get somethings right.

Obviously, this is a wide spread problem facing job seekers. The volume of job applications coming to the in-box or desk of the average recruiting firm is so much that most of them have devised means of sieving and flushing out 90% of these applications thus leaving them with a few applications to consider.
Based on research and experience we have distilled a list of reasons that make recruiting companies select a few CVs and reject others. Note that getting a job interview is tied to your CV and cover letter. These two serve as your representative and if you have always failed to get called for interviews the problem then lies first and foremost in your CV.

So quickly we have listed short points below on reasons why your application is being ignored;

a) You Submit Applications With No Cover Letter
This is a regular occurrence we have noticed with job seekers. Even experienced career individuals make the same mistake over and over. If an employer checks the email for applications he expects, on opening your application, to see at least a brief introductory letter stating who you are and why you are applying. This helps him decide whether to go ahead and check your CV.

b) Your CV Has No Power and Standard
Weak CVs are CVs that do not highlight the strong points of the applicants in less than 30 seconds. Most recruiters do not have all the time to check through your entire CV. They glance through and expect to see a couple of highlights that will make them consider reading through the CV and then deciding if to shortlist the applicant. Your CV has to make it easier for the employer to glance through without looking for an eye glass. This means the arrangement must be professional with clear readable fonts.

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Why 90% of Job Seekers Never Get Invited For An Interview

c) You Are Not Aware of the High Points a Recruiter Is Looking For.
A Recruiter will gaze at your individual data and proceed directly to gaze for your vocation summary where you are anticipated to conceive a short interpretation of what you have carried out so far in your vocation. This is especially significant if you are an skilled vocation individual with at least 5 years former experience. For other ones the recruiter examines at your vocation objectives section to have an idea of your ambition. While all these are significant other significant focus areas are the learning, Work Experience, abilities part and Professional/Certification part. Getting your CV well in writing particularly in these parts signify that even if the recruiter glances through your CV for only 30 seconds he is expected to shortlist your CV for farther reading and likely invitation to interviews.

d) Did You Tailor the CV to that Particular Job?
numerous people just download and attach the identical CV to all job submissions they make. You stand a better possibility if you gaze carefully at the job obligations of that specific job and make changes in your CV to make it targeted at that job. Adjustments don’t signify padding the CV or supplementing untrue data but looking for data, skills, know-how etc that you have that may be helpful in that particular job and supplementing them. It also means eliminating data in the CV that is ineffective for that specific job. Make the recruiter know that you arranged the CV just for that job by conceiving a CV that tries to target the job as much as possible.
recall your Cover note and CV are your representatives in absentia. They notify your story to the recruiter or employer and they have very limited time to influence so your work is to make them notify convincing tales. When they do getting called to interviews will become a foregone issue.


Disclaimer: Note that we make every effort to verify the authenticity of our daily posts, we encourage our readers to also confirm before application. Our advice for you is never to pay any amount of money to any recruiter for job aid or educational consultant for admission aid.
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