Bayelsa Discovered 5000 Ghost Workers

No less than 5,000 ghost workers have been found from the finance of Bayelsa State, the administration said yesterday.Bayelsa Discovered 5000 Ghost Workers

The Chief Accountant in the Office of Special Adviser on Treasury, Accounts and Revenue, Dr David Ala-Peter, said the ghost workers were found after the late staff check exercise.

He said over 50,000 specialists were caught in the exercise.

Ala-Peter clarified that the exercise was planned to fetch out fake names to lessen the state's wage charge.

He said: "The board has done well amid the exercise. We utilize programming of universal models, for example, the Oracle programming.

"The technique utilized was extremely successful. We have built up staff information base; we caught both their fingerprints, dates of birth and their certifications.

"Amid the exercise, we checked more than 50,000 specialists. At this moment, we are working with minimal over 45,000 workers."

The accountant said right now in the state, names in the finance couldn't be copied in light of fingerprint identification.

While saying that the practice decreased the state's wage charge, he in any case, included: "However I will most likely be unable to discover the right figure."

Up to this point, the wage bill of the state kept running above N4bn.

Representative Seriake Dickson griped about the high wages of specialists and deplored in July that the administration's wage bill of N4.3bn was much and unsustainable.

He said that the state government's wage bills "throughout the months remains a sharp point in our money related asset report."

He said: "I can't help contradicting this figure of N4.3bn in light of the fact that it is not feasible for our economy. We should meet up and accomplish something quickly to lessen this figure. We need to accomplish something if we must grow our economy.”

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