NGO Empowered 94 Graduands of Skills Acquisition Programme

A non-governmental organization, Gede Foundation, on Thursday, December 8, 2016, engaged every one of the 96 graduands of its skills acquisition program, in order to empower them to get into their decision livelihoods and earn a living for themselves.NGO Empowered 94 Graduands of Skills Acquisition Programme

The establishment, which has been engaging the graduands of its skills’ acquisition programme for as long as five years, gave out various clothing machines (for cleaners), gas cookers for caterers, tablets (for telephone repairers), desktops for (computers, business centre operators), sewing machines (for tailors and seamstresses), hair-drying machines (for hair stylists), amongst others.

Additionally given away hundreds of bag of rice, gallons of cooking oil, containers of drinks, containers of flavoring cubes and various other household things.

The resource organizer and organization mobiliser of the establishment, Godwin Etim, told LEADERSHIP Weekend that the establishment's partners and different awards made accessible made it feasible for the establishment to do the sum total of what it has been doing.

"Consistently, we have 94 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) who we empower after they completed the skills’ acquisition programme inside the downtown area of the surburbs.

"Yearly, we are choosed to carry along 105 children in different school. This implies seeing them from when they get into JSS 1 or elementary school, paying their expenses and paying special mind to them, until they graduate. At that point, we have these other 94 who graduate from skills’ acquisition classes yearly.

"This implies, yearly, we look after 199 childrens, with incredible assistance from our supporters – one of which is the Oryx Adax Foundation."

Godwin additionally uncovered that it was one of the ways the establishment was raising a strong establishment for the socirty's indigent, in order to give them and other kids a level playing field.

“Our success rate has been great and the children have lots of success stories to tell; some of them have come from the streets to compete with regular children and, even graduate and earn scholarships abroad. We want society to see that, given a chance and nurtured to fullness, greatness lies in everyone,” he said.


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