Red Bull Culture Marketing Specialist - Distribution Partner Recruitment

In 1987, Red Bull not only launched a completely new product, it created and has led ever since a whole new product category, Energy Drinks. Nowadays Red Bull employs more than 10400 people in over 167 countries, selling over 6 billion cans a year. The World of Red Bull provides the forum for you to use your talent and passion, to develop yourself and make an impact. Find out why we're different.Red Bull Culture Marketing Specialist - Distribution Partner Recruitment

Red Bull markets its eponymous energy drink around the globe. The nonalcoholic drink contains the amino acid taurine, B-complex vitamins, caffeine, and carbohydrates -- not bull testicles or any other rumored ingredients. Red Bull claims that the human body needs more taurine than it produces naturally during physical exertion -- thus the need for partaking of its beverage. Sales of the drink grew quickly from the beginning and Red Bull now dominates the world's energy-drink market with a 40% market share.

Red Bull was founded in 1984 by sports enthusiast Dietrich Mateschitz who reportedly drinks up to 10 cans of it a day.

Job Title: Culture Marketing Specialist - Distribution Partner
Location: Lagos

Job Description
The Culture Marketing Specialist is part of the national Culture Marketing team and has the responsibility for dedicated projects and programs within the overall program.

This can contain whole areas (e.g. music festivals) or individual projects.

He/she is a key position between Red Bull opinion leaders and multipliers in the entertainment and culture business.

He/she is responsible for implementing defined strategies and frameworks for developing a solid base of credible opinion leaders within the entertainment, culture and commercial environments.

Also, he/she’s responsible for the correct and proper realization of Red Bull and 3rd party supported events in these areas.

How to apply
Interested candidates should;
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Application Deadline Date
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