Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How a Gate Man Became an IT Manager in same Company

Opportunities are bound every, so take advantage of any one that comes to you.How a Gate Man Became an IT Manager in same Company

Presently, you might be working in a field that is not your area of specialization but don't give up on your career, continue your search of a job in that field that you specialized in. Sometimes, getting the job is not what really matters but are good you are in the field counts a lot.

Mr. Qamar Ali Khan, former Operations Manager in Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT) shared a story of how a Gate man became an IT manager in the same company. Read it below...

I once, was the head of operations of an organization. Because of 24/7 nature of the operations, I usually had to stay very long at my office. Most of my subordinate management staff used to leave on or just after 5 p.m. 

One day, at almost 8 p.m, I received some complaints about the Local Area Network. IT was not my direct responsibility. But being a senior, I had to see it then. I checked IT department, no technical staff there. I contacted some IT people to come back immediately to settle the problem. Before my leaving, I contacted the duty gate man to keep the IT people reminded via telephone. Early in the next morning, I checked the network and found it working. I called the same gate man. He decided to fix the problem on his own. I was amazed he knew how to do it. The gate man had called the Head of the IT department for permission to fix the problem, he was convinced to tell him to go ahead after the gate man had told him his qualification and working experience. The Head of the IT Department gave him the authority with the hope that if he couldn't do it he will show up to do it himself. He started to repair the network. It was a huge network, and took him few minutes to fix the fault. 

We are astonished by his performance. I asked why he did that? It was not your job. He said, sir, I might be a gate man but my field of specialization is Information Technology (IT). I was speechless.A letter was draft by the Head of the IT Department for the company to make the gate man the new IT Manager and it was approved.

In any situation you find yourself never give up.


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