HR Managers Need To Hire for Experience Than Degrees

When you are hiring, check the experience candidates come with and potential for them to grow into the perfect fit for your company.HR Managers Need To Hire for Experience Than Degrees

The question is can HR managers focus more on experience than degrees in Nigeria? Let's take the interesting life story of a Young Man as a case study. 

"When I resigned from my last job, I really wanted another one, A marketing communication/Brand Management Job. I searched and searched and nothing was forthcoming. I even offered to work for some firms I loved for free, yet none wanted to take me on. 

They all wanted a Masters Degree holder. None wanted an experienced candidate with vast industry knowledge. 

I started freelance brand consulting and it's been fun advising small businesses and start-ups. 

Today, I can say that the state of mind is far different, i still wouldn't mind working for a brand I love, I must love the brand before i can work in the firm, but now it's a case of hire me if you want me for my experience, spare me the high end English or I would love to go sit in the park and get some air."

We believe experienced counts a lot we it comes to hiring. What did you think?

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