Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Job Hunt: Harvard MBA Graduate Loses a Job Offer, Attitude Matters Not Only Degree

Like we all know, experience is the best teacher. This is the reason why we love to share job search experiences for you to learn new things that will help you in your job search.Job Hunt: Harvard MBA Graduate Loses a Job Offer, Attitude Matters Not Only Degree

A lot off people believes achieving a degree is all it takes to get a job but it is by far more than that.

We have got something to make you reason beyond your degree and it is the experience shared by Jonathan Pollard, a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and presently principal attorney at Pollard PLLC in Florida, USA.

He said a guy with a Harvard MBA applied to be our operations director.  We had a meeting set for noon on a Thursday. At 10:30 he sent an email and says he MIGHT be 10 to 15 minutes late.

Around 12:15, my staff reaches out to him.  No response.  He rolls into the office at 1pm.  The receptionist buzzes me.  I've got a 1pm on one of my biggest cases.  I go out to the lobby, because I just have to meet this dude. I introduce myself and say, "So it's 1pm.  What happened?"  His response:  "I was in a meeting in Miami and couldn't get out of it."  I'm a bit confused, so i ask what he means.  He says, with a tremendous air of self-importance, "Yeah, I was meeting with a company that wants me to be their CEO, run the whole company."  I'm perfectly calm.  I explain that I have a 1pm on a big case and I say something like, "You know, you could have just emailed or called if you were going to be an hour late."  The guy gets angry and says, "I'm not going to have you lecture me.  I'm here. So either you want to meet or not."  No, I don't.  The dude was somewhat shocked. He stood there speechless for a couple seconds.

I guess he's used to people fawning all over him because of his Harvard MBA.  No matter how elite someone's credentials or skill-set, that kind of person is a cancer in any business.

This is an interesting story, we believe the case would have been different if the guy has good manner of approach. So please, don't focus on degree alone work on your attitude too because it matters.


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