Friday, 30 June 2017

Read Why I Stop Sending CV To Big Companies!

It is crystally clear that the dream of most graduates of our time is to work in big firms. You need to know that this come with a lot of challenges that can break or make your career.

Graduates should be aware that all that is needed for that big break in your career is getting experience at the right firm.

Read Why I Stop Sending CV To Big Companies!
In a recent update made by a graduate on social media, he stated "Read Why I Stop Sending CV To Big Companies!" and gave reasons.

According to him, when a company like Amazon buys Wholefoods, or Google makes an acquisition we automatically think they are big and employ a lot of people and hence have jobs! Large companies do the following;

  • Rationalize
  • Downsize,
  • Create economies of scale,
  • Drive efficiencies...and with that comes loss of jobs. 
In fact the Amazon Wholesale foods deal sent shockwaves across the entire retail industry sending their share prices down because clearly the nature of retailing is moving towards e-commerce which employs less and less people. Amazon will utilize their operational excellence to drive efficiencies in retailing increasing automation and reducing jobs. Just think about the job of a cashier in the new digital age, what will happen given new self checkout concepts. And what will a concept like Drone delivery do to all the delivery jobs?  In the US alone there are 3.5 million cashiers...where will these jobs go?

So where should you look for a job? Small and medium size companies who are scaling up and who have great clients like Amazon or Google providing them with the solutions of tomorrow. That's where you should be sending your CV. Find these companies, start your research today and offer them a unique set of skills that they will need to grow and succeed.

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