She Did Poor In The Interview But I Hired Her - Read Why!

Although hiring someone that has no experience in a field is risky but employers love to work with motivated people reason because it yield positive results.She Did Poor In The Interview But I Hired Her - Read Why!

Taking risks on people means giving them assignments and new responsibilities they have not done before.

It is not about throwing them in the water, and letting them swim or sink.  We have to jump in the water with them, whether it is boiling hot or freezing cold.  It is the most beautiful risk we can take, and one we must take.

One can not be a leader if one is scared to give others opportunities to grow. Someone took a risk on you every time you advanced. It is your responsibility to send the elevator back down to others.

Mr. Oleg Vishnepolsky, The Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk. He has been running very large IT infrastructures for over 20 years now and considered himself has a cautious person.

He shared his experienced with us on why he hired a lady despite the fact she did poorly in the it below;
I took a risk on hiring someone, and I was wrong.

She turned out to be not what I expected at all.

She did not do well on the interview, but I saw passion, curiosity, positive attitude, quick thinking. So I hired her.

No, she was much much better than what appeared.

She now heads up a big operation.

What I do not understand is that we easily take bets on stocks and horses. Why is it so hard to take risks on people ?

We must treat people better than stocks and horses! Do you agree ?

We strongly agree with this, recruiters should consider hiring people with the spirit of to do the best.


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