2 Types of Job Applicants, Where do you Belong?

It is obvious that recruiting a right candidate for companies requires more just glancing at his or her resumé and cover letter, or contacting a few references. Even before bring the candidate in for a face-to-face meeting and interview a lot has been considered by the recruiter.
2 Types of Job Applicants, Where do you Belong?

Finding the best candidates for companies far beyond qualifications, degrees and experience. Recruiters love recommendation.

Job Applicants don't Fool Yourself.

There are two (2) tiers of candidates:
Top Tier: Candidates who were recommended by someone who works for the company or knows someone who knows someone who works for the company.

Bottom Tier: Applicants who don't know anybody associated with the firm.

The simple truth is that Companies hire from the Bottom Tier only after the Top Tier doesn't work out, for whatever reason. So, instead of sending millions of applications and sitting back hoping for a call (Bottom Tier), get in the Top Tier.

How to belong to the Top Tier
Get involved in professional  associations.
Attend their events. Talk to everyone everywhere.
Follow companies/PEOPLE on their social media and comment on their posts.
Contact ALL of your networks about your job search.

Doing those things CONSISTENTLY will get you in the Top Tier.

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