5 Top Tips to be Productive While Writing an Essay

Do you have an essay due in a couple of days and you have not yet started? Don’t panic because help is here. Today, we are going to take you through five top tips that can help you finish your essay in time. With these tips, you will be able to not only finish your assignment in less time than usual but also manage to write an effective one that impresses your teacher.5 Top Tips to be Productive While Writing an Essay

5 Top Tips for Productive Essay Writing

Create a Plan
Procrastination is the root cause of all delayed submissions. Sometimes, even bright students fail to turn in their assignments on time because of this. To avoid falling prey to this bad habit, you should create a proper study plan early in your semester. Allocate a chunk of your free, non-college hours for doing homework and studying.

When you have a plan in place, you can immediately start working on your new assignments. For example, if you get an essay writing task from your English teacher who requests you to submit it within a week, you can use the allocated study time of that day to do a brief study of the assigned topic. You can start with web research and then move on to other phases of essay writing in the rest of the week. This way you will be far ahead of your peers, and may even be able to submit the essay by the end of the same week.

Teachers love students who put extra efforts into their assignments and submit it before due date.

Choose a Familiar Topic
If you a really want to be productive while writing your essay, you must choose a topic that you are familiar with. Words come out easily when you write about a topic that you already know about. For example, if you are a prolific reader of Russian literature, you can choose it as a topic for your next literature essay.

It will save you a lot of time and hassle, make you more authoritative on the topic, and help you impress your teacher. Additionally, this can be of great help when you are time-strapped.

Focus on Research, and Then on Writing
Professional essay writers on top online writing websites like Assignmenthelpers.com.au rely only on two phases: research and writing. Focus on these two bits and you will have the perfect essay in your hands.

According to expert writers, you must start with web research as soon as you get the assignment. Get a feel about the topic you are assigned and then dig deeper. Gaining more information about your topic can also mean hitting the library and going through books, journals, and magazines. As you may already know, research is the most time-consuming activity in essay writing, and rightly so.

Once you have covered all the aspects of your topic and have enough write-ups, you can then sit down to actually write your essay.

Just Answer the Question
Most essay writing assignments come with guidelines provided by the teacher. Pay attention to what he/she says and make sure that you are following them while writing. A lot of students tend to blindly start writing without completely understanding the assignment.

Has your teacher asked to answer certain questions associated with the topic? Are they compulsory? If yes, then you must insert them as sections in your essay. Turning in an essay without answering the questions can cost you valuable marks.

Revise, Revise, Revise
The secret third phase of essay writing that no one talks about is the editing part. You should ALWAYS edit your essay before submitting. Teachers believe that submitting an essay that has not been edited is as bad a practice as not submitting anything at all.

So, once you have finished composing your essay, the next step is to give it a breathing period. If you immediately start editing your essay, you won’t be able to point out and correct the mistakes. Wait for a day or half and then revisit your assignment. Read it completely and make comments as you move forward. Then, once you are done reading, check your comments and rework accordingly.

You must keep aside at least a few hours for this revision part as it is very crucial from a reader’s point of view. Students who are determined to make their essays perfect also seek external help from online websites and their friends who can provide constructive feedback. The revision phase must also include copy editing and proofreading.

These are the top five proven tips that you can use to make your essay writing process more productive. Create a plan, write about topics that you already know about, focus on research and teacher’s guidelines, and spare time for editing – that is all what matters.

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