6 Things Graduate Need To Do While Building Employability Skills

This was shared to us by Ajoke Samuel an Human Resources Specialist as guide for graduates, from experience she believes that graduates need more than the degree to get to the climax of their career.6 Things Graduate Need To Do While Building Employability Skills

Here is what she said;
Lately, I have been privileged to interview quite a number of graduates for different roles over the past few weeks, and guess what? Time and time again, I have realized that a higher percentage of graduates who come out in flying colors from our Universities and Colleges are in no way prepared for the marketplace!

This bothered me a great deal and I spent time wondering, what could be the problem? What is the missing link? Why would a First Class honors graduate perform so bad at a competency based interview? Why would any University graduate at all not know the basics of his/her experience while at school? What happened to the Guidance and Counselling teams present in higher institutions? Do we need to introduce a mandatory course on employability skills in all schools? Do we really need to go down to the basics of how graduates should go over and above what they have experienced in school and life and go for personal development? On and on I pondered...

To this end, I decided to contribute my own quota in different ways to push out the knowledge required that will make a difference in my own little capacity. So if you are a "fresh" graduate, still job hunting or you need a change of job, read the following and take it to heart as part of the things to do:

1. After graduation, don't just sit down and start applying like every other person. First of all, map out your strategy. Where would you like to work?What would you like to gain ? What do you have to offer?

2. Network with your colleagues and friends from school and discuss topics that challenge your mind. Remember that you all don't have the same level of exposure, so rubbing minds together will give you insight into what others know that you may not know. Have fun, live life...but also develop yourself intellectually.

3. Get a career mentor who has viable years of experience in the career you would like to build that you can learn from. Get insight into how things are done in the workplace and grow. Learn, learn, keep learning!

4. Google is your friend. Get wisdom! Research on topics, task your brain! Do something worthwhile. Value your time.

5. Use social media to your advantage. Display yourself intelligently on social media, it is not time to start posting your breakfast, lunch or dinner or complaining about your country without any solutions provided.

6. Always maintain a positive aura. Never go for an interview looking all down like the whole world is on your shoulders. The atmosphere you carry speaks louder than you can imagine...

The points above are just a scratch on the surface of the things you need to put in place while building your employability skills. There are so many things to do which I can't exhaust here.

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