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Helen Doron Education Franchise Opportunities

When it comes to the Helen Doron franchise, multilingualism has always been an important factor. This is mainly because, if multilingualism didn't exist, then Helen Doron English wouldn't be the great franchise it is today. Multilingualism is a natural potential that is available to each and every being on earth. According to Leena Huss who is a linguist, multilingualism should be regarded as a gift rather than a problem.Helen Doron Education Franchise Opportunities

Different languages offer different connections to history, knowledge, people, and culture. To expand human understanding, written and spoken word have both continued to evolve ever since humankind walked the earth. At present, customs, gestures, and dialects vary geographically with a few words and less remaining the same in different languages.

In the West, English has become a dominant language thanks to powerhouses such as the UK and the UK. Currently, the language is being taught to students across the globe.


Teaching the English language is a wide market that is yet to be fully explored. We live in a time when humankind aims to speak a universal language whether you come from the depths of the Amazon forest or the far away city of Timbuktu.

If you want to open a good business especially one that has extra value, then consider the Helen Doron Educational Group. Helen Doron English comprises of many franchisors all around the world. There are many people who have left their jobs to work as teachers in the Helen Doron English programs across the globe. Here are a few examples of people who took a chance on the Helen Doron education franchise opportunities.

From engineering to teaching English as a second language

For Elisabeth Ruelle-M├Ęgrelis the idea of opening a Helen Doron franchise came naturally to her. Elisabeth's two areas of interest included entrepreneurship and English as a second language. Since Elisabeth wanted her children to learn English she went looking for places where she could enroll them but she wasn't satisfied with the methods of teaching.

It was then when Elisabeth decided it was time to open her own business. A program that could offer only the best pedagogy with a methodology that matched her vision. At present, Elisabeth is a Helen Doron Master Franchisor in Paris and many people have already shown interest in the program.

Combining quality time with a career that counts

Originally, Kay had been an American-trained IT specialist before becoming a Helen Doron English Franchisee. She runs a learning center in Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 in Bangkok, Thailand. Kay found out about Helen Doron as she was trying to teach her three-year-old son English at home. After a little research online, she found out that there was a Helen Doron learning center close to her home.

After having her second child, Kay decided it was time to change her career. She had contemplated going back to work as an IT consultant but instead, she decided to open her own business so that she would be close to her family. That is how Kay became a Helen Doron English franchisor.

Helen Doron has offered many mothers a chance to stay close to their families and still maintain a career.


Disclaimer: Note that we make every effort to verify the authenticity of our daily posts, we encourage our readers to also confirm before application. Our advice for you is never to pay any amount of money to any recruiter for job aid or educational consultant for admission aid.
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