Tuesday, 14 November 2017

10 Criteria of Future Looking HR

1) Value Creation: Do we deliver value? Are we focused on delivering value rather than activities? Do we focus on receivers of our outputs? Do we know who our receivers are?10 Criteria of Future Looking HR

2) Work Context: Firms whose value and organizing principle center on meeting the needs of employees' and acting in their best interests will achieve higher level organisation-based self-esteem. Organization should be adopt fairness and job authority as it deepens this relationship through the social-psychological process of reflected appraisal.

3) Stakeholders Networking: We must convert effectively with our stakeholders inside the company, the employee, management and outside the company the customers, investors and communities.

4) Top Talent: do we bring inside knowledge and action to talent equation? Can we help the company have great talents? These questions must be answered to the affirmative by a forward looking HR practitioner.

5) Leadership: Everything rises and falls on leadership - John Maxwell. HR must work to have the right leadership that will attract the right talents and create the systems in which (the top talent) the will thrive

6) Organization: HR must seek to create the right organization for talents to thrive, grow and develop the right set of competencies and capabilities that will help us move forward.

7) The Right HR Department: is the structure of your HR in sync with the structure of your organization? Remember, your HR strategy should mirror and serve as a window for your business strategy.

8) HR Practices Alignment: We need to invest in our HR practices. Our people (Staffing, training, development, career, management e.t.c), performance management, communication and work.

9) HR People: This is a very tough one, but it must be done. do you have the right HR people? Do we have the right skills, tool kits, competencies, capabilities and personalities in HR?

10) HR Analytics: We must begin to measure what we do and to do so very well.


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