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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence refers to a branch of science that deals with the theories and development of computer systems which are able to perform different tasks in ways believed to depict human thoughts. AI is all about developing computers that function more like human being whereby, the designs are inspired with the way human brain works.Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence in education has always been “a thing” since the 1980s when AI’s picked up and the two seemed to be made for each other. AI provides the necessary tools used in developing a detailed and more accurate picture of the way human brain operates whereas we use education to develop and expand the knowledge pool in human mind. In a synergistic fashion system, both have the potential to propel each other forward by accelerating the discovery of new learning ways which further will create new innovative technologies.  For example; the dynamic nature of AI’s offers a wide range of opportunities for learners’ engagement that can never be found in outdated old textbooks, fixed environment or the normal four walled classroom.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Most of the applications included here are in different use in some form today though many could argue out that most of them are still in a “relatively primitive” stage when viewed in long-term envisioned objective perspective.

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Roles include;
1. AI is used to automate basic activities in education, such as grading.
Higher learning institutions such as colleges tend to have large number of students, thus when it comes to grading of assignment/homework and tests it can be tedious work to the lecture even when using TAs split in between them. But with AI, it is now much possible for lectures to automate grading in all types of multiple choices, fill in the blank testing and automate grading.

This has made it possible for the teachers to focus much more in class in students’ interaction and in-class activities than grading.

2. Adaption of educational software with students need.
The impact of AI has been great in education because it has been applied to greater level of individualised learning from kindergarten to graduate school level. The system has continuously responded to students needs by creating more games, adaptive learning programmes and good software.

3. Students are able to get support from AI tutors.
Artificial intelligence has already existing tutors that helps students through writing, basic mathematics and other subjects.

4. Acquisition of helpful feedback from the AI-self driven programs.
Students and educators are not only able to craft out courses that are customised to their own need from AI, but also to get helpful feedback about the success of the course as a whole. Schools with online packages, use the AI systems in monitoring the student progress and to raise concerns to the professors when there might be an issue with student performance.

5. Used in making trial and error less intimidating.
Trial and error is ever a critical part in learning process, but of the students, the idea of not knowing the answer or even failing is intimidating and paralyzing. Intelligent computer system is thus designed to help students learn in a much less intimidating way as it deals with trial and error.

Major upcoming trends in AI in education:
●       Interaction data for learning
●       Universal access to global classroom
●       Life-wide and life-long learning
●       Learning 21st century skills

As AI advances in education domain, we should support the idea that both human and intelligent systems are largely needed to control and manage different aspects of students’ academic and social activities in decades to come.


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