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3 Unconventional Work Opportunities For People With A History Degree

Okay. You being here probably means you’re confused as to what course you should be taking up for
college.  Or maybe, you’re  already  holding  that  history  diploma  and  you  don’t   know  where  in  the world you should go from here. Well, we’re here to help you out. We’re here to give you practical
and actionable solutions on what you can do with your history degree.

But before we go down to   our juicy detailed list, let’s first rule out some of the most bizarre misconceptions people have about history degrees – or more generally, history is a subject.

History Degrees Are For Bookworms
Well, while it is true that taking up a course in history requires a whole lot of focus and patience for
reading   thick   textbooks,   history   degrees   should   not   be   viewed   solely   as   a   program   for   nerds   or bookworms. If you’re really into history, you might even learn when and where such a stereotype was formed in the first place!

History is a marvellous subject that delves into the past, links to the present, and visualizes the future. It’s basically the closest we can get to time travelling as we are now. History helps us learn of what it was like to live in the past so that we can appreciate what we have in the present better. And mind you, you don’t need to be obsessed with books, own thick eyeglasses, or wear corduroy pants (which are very fashionable these days, by the way) to take interest in the world’s rich history. If you want to argue otherwise, then try your luck ranting about it to Ivy League professors who are clearly a 10/10, or fashionably chic archivists who’re working down the local archive registry.

History Degrees Are Boring

If you find stories entertaining, then you’d probably find history interesting as well. I mean, a history
degree practically involves a lot of storytelling. I would even go as far as say that it is all about the
storytelling. After all, you can only learn about the past through written accounts, historical records,
and ancient relics. It involves a ton of observation and interpretation of artefacts too, but of course,
each of them also has a story to tell. In a sense, taking up a history degree means reading a lot of
stories. Most of them happened in real life, while others are a part of a rich culture. If you can give
me any other degree that gives you credit for reading stories, then I’d sure want to know about it.
Sure there are dates to memorize, names to familiarize, and world events to study, but in the end,
these   things   actually   happened   –   they   are   a   part   of   the   world   we   have   today.   Everything   you’re familiarizing, memorizing, and studying aren’t theoretical. They are pure facts that have happened before and may happen again.

Don’t you think that learning about real life events is much more exciting than focusing on technical,
theoretical stuff? How can you even call something that has only occurred in pen and paper an adventure?

History Degrees Get You Dull, Uneventful Jobs
I believe this one is the most common misconception that turns a lot of people off the idea of ever
taking a degree in history. When you start telling people that you’re planning to take up a history
degree, almost every reaction you get goes like “Oh, are you planning on becoming a professor?” or
“What are you going to be a librarian?” or something that even goes like “What, you planning on
creating your own conspiracy theories?”

Like,  seriously? I don’t  even know  what  kind of out-of-this-world  ideas people  have  about history degrees. Well, let me tell you something: Taking a degree in history opens a lot of opportunities up for  you  – and  not  just   for dull, boring  jobs   (if  you  also  think  of  them  that   way).  There  is  a lot  of adventure waiting for you beyond what stereotypes and misconstrued opinions allow you to think. Don’t be swayed by what measly minds tell you. If you do, you’re going to miss out on a world that’s full of fun and wonder because you chose to get on the bandwagon train.

This is exactly why we created this article today. Here are 3 unconventional job opportunities     online history degree holders have a huge chance of notching:


You’ve seen Indiana Jones, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and  National Treasure before haven’t you? They all involve relics, artefacts, and a whole lot of historical adventure. As a child, I’m sure you also found yourself thinking at one point that you want to become an archaeologist. Well, with a history degree, you’ll be going down the right track.

Of   course,   archaeology   in   the   real   world   is   not   like   a   game   of      Jumanji   (Sorry   for   all   the   movie references, I just love these types of movies). Seldom would there be booby traps, secret passwords, or treasure chests. However, there will always be that spirit of adventure – a journey to discovering a world, a civilization from our own. It is astonishing to think that before this age of texting, surfing, gaming, and partying, people lived their lives a whole lot differently. Some practices lost being both good and bad. With a history degree, you can appreciate everything that has happened in the past, and create predictions about what awaits us in the future. This gives you good leverage to pursue further studies in archaeology and go off to pursue your own life’s adventure!

Museum Tour Guide
Instead of being holed up in an office, how does socially-interacting with museum goers sound like?
If you have an engaging personality, a gift for telling stories, and the heart to share what you know to
friends and fellows, then this may be a wonderful opportunity for you.

Being a museum tour  guide may  not have as much  appeal as other jobs, but it  is very important
nonetheless. Everything you tell people, they’ll believe. And whether they come to love history (just
as much as you do) or come to think of it as a bore also lies on how well you can deliver it to them. If
you think you’re up to the challenge, then taking a course in history takes you one step closer to this
reality. So, how about it?

History Content Writer/Producer

Since we’ve entered an age of technology (which is another historical milestone, by the way), we can
now educate people more about history in more modern ways. One way is through creating blogs or
articles about it. But not just any old, boring article. We now have many facilities that can help us
create more engaging content, users both young and old can learn to appreciate. 

One example is  Ted-Ed. If  I  can vaguely  recall,  I’ve  already featured  Ted-Ed in one of my  previous articles – but it only goes to show how much I love them! Ted-Ed makes history easier to understand and more engaging for viewers. They create these short animated videos that are not only adorable but are also very rich in historical content. They help bring out the fun and excitement in learning historical records that gets people hooked to their seats.

This is all done with the clear understanding that not all kinds of people enjoy reading black and
white   print.   Forcing   them   to   read   something   that   they   don’t   personally   enjoy   is   actually​ counterproductive. People will just forget it as fast as they have learned it. And they’ll come to hate history too, along the way. This is why I love Ted-Ed.

And it’s not just Ted-Ed. Many online platforms that aim to educate people about history are taking
more innovative measures in developing content that will get people engaged. With a history degree,
you earn the BIG opportunity of joining them. Or better yet, start a whole new line of history content

If you haven’t checked   Ted-Ed out yet, here’s a video about the Terra Cotta Warriors I find   really interesting. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen pictures of them before, or watch them get featured in
movies. But, do you really know how they came to be? If not, here’s a very fun way to learn more
about them!

And that’s it.

But hey, these are just three examples out of so many opportunities history degrees can give you. If
your heart says you should teach, then become a history professor! If you think you’re into research,
then  why  not  try  becoming  a  sociologist,  or  maybe  an  anthropologist?   Thing  is, there   are  just  so many career tracks you can go into with a history degree. You just need to know where your passion is geared at.

Let me tell you one thing I hope you’ll forever keep in mind: A degree in history is never a waste of
time. If anything, it’s your one-way ticket to transcend time.
If you’re all up for a degree in history, then what better time is there to start than today?


Disclaimer: Note that we make every effort to verify the authenticity of our daily posts, we encourage our readers to also confirm before application. Our advice for you is never to pay any amount of money to any recruiter for job aid or educational consultant for admission aid.
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