Pros and Cons of Hiring Temp to Perm Employees

So, you have a small flower shop that is doing well. Congratulations! Business is suddenly booming, and more customers are ordering lilacs more than ever. You can find more information in running flower shops here. You find yourself overwhelmed with arranging bouquets of endless tulips, roses, and irises. You forgot to call your Aunt Eden to confirm her order of rhododendrons.

You may want a florist who can create amazing bouquets, corsages, and wreaths. If you have more than two weddings booked, you should be able to cater to them at the same time. You might also need an accountant to file taxes and manage your balance sheet. You might also want a delivery boy who can transport the bouquets faster to your customers.

However, there are times when the business is not doing so well in some months. If you have a small
business, you might not want to pay someone without them doing anything and without income steadily pouring in. A look of whether you should hire permanent or temporary employees can give you an insight on what’s the right choice for you.

Pros of Hiring Permanent Employees

They Know the Business Process
Long-term employees can know the ins and outs of the business and can soak into your company culture when you train them properly. More about training here: train-employees-5-rules.html. When an employee sees that there’s security in their jobs, they are more likely to invest their time, energy, and efforts to further your shop’s growth. Those people you see wearing printed floral shirts with a company logo are certainly not some temporary contractors.

They Are Dependable
When you are out, you can always depend on your employees to take care of business matters for you. After all, in your flower shop, you trust that they know what to do when the delivery comes, they know that the carnations and freesias needed restocking. Someone who is celebrating a birthday party will come in the afternoon to pick flowers for their table arrangements so you trust that your permanent employee can handle all that.

Consistent and Continuous Service
One of the challenges when it comes to running a business is to train reliable and dependable staff.
After that, you may be challenged with the ability to retain them for the long-term. Your customers
won’t always talk to you, and you might not always meet their needs. If there’s someone who has
consistent knowledge and the ability to provide continuous service to your long-term customers, expect that more people will do business with you, and this can translate to more revenues.

More businesses today rely on their employee’s faithfulness and knowledge of operational procedures to work successfully. If you don’t have someone you can trust to do some aspects of your business, then everything will become a burden on your shoulders.

In small towns, some customers prefer to deal with familiar faces. The customer service positions should be carefully considered when hiring someone. When you are lucky to hire someone reliable, communicative, and trustworthy, then you can expect compounding blessings and success in your business. 

Pros of Hiring Contractors 

Provide you with Needed Expertise
Some contractors or freelancers can offer you extra help or needed expertise in your flower shop. Some of them can provide information about customers who need exotic flowers such as tulips or gardenias in some states. You can hire temp to perm employees virtually, whenever it suits your business. You should consider hiring a freelancer when the expertise that they can provide is not needed on a full-time basis, as in the case of accountants.

Less Paperwork 
You can cut down significantly on paperwork if you hire contractors. Most contractors agree to work with just a verbal agreement. In some countries, you won’t have to open a payroll account to a contractor, and everything will be significantly simplified. You don’t have to fill out and remit taxes, and you won’t need to provide them with formal contracts, and this can save you reams of paper, and you can also save a lot of time in the process.

Contractors Cost Less
When it comes to full-time positions, the salary of a contractor may be cheaper compared to that of the employee. This is because freelancers don’t generally have medical plans, insurance, contributions, and all the other costs that are involved in employment. There are a lot of people who are willing to do a one-time job, such as designing the website of your flower shop for a more affordable rate than an in- house employee.

Cons of Hiring Full-Time Employees 
One of the things businesses try to do is lessen their expenses. If you are starting, hiring someone full- time means that you need to pay for holidays, health insurance, compensation packages, bonuses, and leaves that your employee will make. Although these things can make an employee more loyal to you, it might not be a good move if you are still exploring the flower shop industry.

Cons of Hiring Part-Time Freelancers
There are times when the freelancer will prioritize other businesses. They might even leave if they see a full-time opportunity elsewhere. Some part-time contractors may get affected with productivity issues, and they might have communication issues. Although not all of these apply to one person, these issues are what you need to resolve to create a professional and welcoming workplace.

What Does Your Business Need?

The pros and cons of hiring temp or perm employees don’t only apply to flower shops. Other companies are faced with this same kind of dilemma. The trick is to determine your needs, consider the benefits, disadvantages, and its long-term impact on your business.

When you have experienced hiring freelancers from the past, and you don’t have problems finding
another to take some of the job roles, then you can repeat the process until you become successful in
your industry. If your customers are looking for familiar faces to answer their queries, then you should consider hiring a person whom you can trust with your business. You can experiment in the process and see which ones work best.

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